MOE: Julia L.!

IMG_3678Everyone give a warm welcome to one of our newest employees, Julia L.! She is a buyer from our State College location and a Penn State junior majoring in Biobehavioral Health (BBH) and double minoring in Nutritional Sciences and Biology (Try saying that five times fast). She wants to become a registered dietitian and give Dr. Oz a run for his money (Or out of business – whichever comes first).  Julia also wants us to let the world know that she is the world’s only extreme ukulele player, won a spelling bee in 8th grade and a geography quizzathon in 7th.

The styling aspect of her job is one of the two things she is fond of most. Julia enjoys redressing the mannequins and displays on our dressing room doors (when she’s feeling inspired) and putting together outfits that she herself may one day wear when she’s on talk shows promoting her healthy dieting books and other research. Her second favorite thing about the Attic is getting to look at (and first dibs) on all of the vintage jewelry that customers bring in. Julia comments that the vintage pieces are much more timeless than what you see the kids wearing nowadays, they’re unique and wearable (And to top things off, no one else has it!)

Julia has been a very welcomed new addition to our Attic family. She has learned quickly and brings a certain level of fun that was needed to our company. If you see her in the store, don’t be afraid to say “Hi!” …  Though, if you get an awkward look from her, it’s probably the fact you know her name and you’re more than likely a complete stranger.



MOE: Halley M.!

mestanding1This week, we introduce Halley M., an associate from our Kutztown location! She is 19 years old and currently enrolled at Lehigh Carbon College to get an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. Her plans post-bacc is to get a job in management and live the lavish life that business brings … But, all business aside, Halley says that some of her favorite things to do with her down time are watching football, bowling, and dancing. In fact, Halley M. is a former cheerleader of Kutztown High School fame AND a dance competitor from Rhythm in Motion!

Halley’s favorite thing about working at the Attic? Aside from the fun atmosphere and the awesome environment, she says that she enjoys the quirky people she meets and works with! We can definitely vouch that us workers at the Attic are a quirky, fun bunch ;).

MOE: Kaitlyn R.!


Sorry for the late update, folks! There were a few technical difficulties on our end, but we are back on track.

This week, we introduce Kaitlyn R.. Kaitlyn works at our Bethlehem location, however she will soon be transferring to our Manayunk location this coming September because she will be attending Tyler School of Art, a fantastic art school that is part of TEMPLE University (Go owls!). There she will be pursuing a degree in painting and drawing in addition to education. Her interests in the art world lie in damn-near everything! Painting, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, graphic design … You name it, she’s probably dabbled in it at some point in time!

One of her inspirations for becoming interested in fashion is Clueless’ own, Cher Horowitz (Played by Alicia Silverstone for those who have not seen the movie.)!  But the what inspires her style? Topanga from Boy Meets World (We can definitely see Kaitlyn playing Cory’s love interest in some remake … Some network better pick up on this!).

So, what’s her favorite thing about working at the Attic? Kaitlyn says, “I love working at The Attic because I love the eclectic atmosphere, the friendly and funky coworkers, and the opportunity to work in the fashion field through an awesome retail position! ”

Be sure to keep your eye out for her – she’ll be coming to an art gallery near you very soon :).

MOE: Lacee M.!


With our first MOE feature, we introduce Lacee M who works at our State College location! She is 19 years old, a resident of State College and a student at the Pennsylvania State University (WE ARE!). Her dreams reside in becoming a Spanish Teacher in High School, a famous Broadway singer, cat lady turned reality show television star and entrepreneur dabbling in strap-on unicorn horns.  You can usually find her at work singing, laughing, smiling and bringing joy to her co-workers and customers alike. 

Her favorite thing about working at the Attic? The surprises! She says that one of the perks of working here is that customers sometimes bring in some of the most outlandish things to resell. She admits that she will not name names (or things), but trust us when we say that they’re quite the conversation starters (a la “… this one time at band camp …”).

As we conclude this brief profile, she would like to thank the Academy for this opportunity to appear as our first feature. And also her dog. And mum. And Ron Burgundy.

Meet Our Employees!

Starting today, on this glorious, sunny, vibrant and colorful summer day – the Attic Blog will begin its new feature called “Meet Our Employees!” (MOE, for short). These employee profiles will come every 15th and 30th of the month. We’ll offer you an inside glimpse of all of the colorful personalities that work hard to give you exemplary customer service and clothe you (literally!)