MOE: Halley M.!

mestanding1This week, we introduce Halley M., an associate from our Kutztown location! She is 19 years old and currently enrolled at Lehigh Carbon College to get an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. Her plans post-bacc is to get a job in management and live the lavish life that business brings … But, all business aside, Halley says that some of her favorite things to do with her down time are watching football, bowling, and dancing. In fact, Halley M. is a former cheerleader of Kutztown High School fame AND a dance competitor from Rhythm in Motion!

Halley’s favorite thing about working at the Attic? Aside from the fun atmosphere and the awesome environment, she says that she enjoys the quirky people she meets and works with! We can definitely vouch that us workers at the Attic are a quirky, fun bunch ;).


Meet Our Employees!

Starting today, on this glorious, sunny, vibrant and colorful summer day – the Attic Blog will begin its new feature called “Meet Our Employees!” (MOE, for short). These employee profiles will come every 15th and 30th of the month. We’ll offer you an inside glimpse of all of the colorful personalities that work hard to give you exemplary customer service and clothe you (literally!)