DIY Projects

HELLO EVERYONE! Here at The Attic, you can find a lot of really cool vintage clothing or kitschy items for your home but they might not always fit in with your “style.”  Believe us, we know how that is!  However, we’re a pretty creative bunch and we’d like to show YOU how to customize your items.  We’ll be posting various projects on our home page so you can check them out.

We would like to hear from you too though.  If you’ve made something new, or simply altered an item, from something you bought at the attic, send us your pics and we’ll post them here on this page!  You can also just send us a picture of your favorite outfit!


The Attic Employees


This shirt was made by one of our blog viewers, Rebecca, after seeing our DIY project on how to make a hipster tanktop. Thanks so much Rebecca, this looks awesome!

This lamp was created by one of our customers, lisa, out of a birdcage purchased from our bethlehem location. Thanks Lisa for sending us this awesome picture!


2 thoughts on “DIY Projects

  1. this isn’t in response to the ‘reinvent me’ request specifically, however just a shout out to the diy’s
    i ADORE diy’s so keep them coming ❤

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