Gender Bending in Clothing


Since the dawn of time, there has been a men’s section and a women’s section in nearly every place that sells clothing. Over all, this can be helpful if not for general style preference than for familiar sizing. But as the years have gone by, fashion, general clothing cost, quality, and fit have all shifted with the times. This has resulted in certain tendencies with the clothing genders as well. Women’s clothing sizes can vary from store to store, whereas the guys go by inches, making their sizing more universal. Women have more options for flash-fashion lower quality clothing, but men’s high quality staples tend to cost less across the board. And as we can all tell, we see pink, sparkles, skirts, and all things floral in the women’s section while the men’s section displays darker hues, and everything that could be described as rugged, handsome, or dapper. There are obviously plenty of exceptions to this generalization; just walk into American Eagle and find walls lined with loose dark tees, baggy jeans, and chunky boots– all marketed as gals. And to the surprise of many, Forever 21 has a men’s section (best accessed online, but still, it exists).

But even with reforms that we can sometimes find, clothing stores almost always lack a truly functional yet affordable option for women and a truly fabulous option for men. That is why shopping in another gender’s section is entirely okay. Why wouldn’t it be?

All my life I’ve had a love affair with boyfriend jeans, but even so, my first pair of men’s section jeans happened to be the first pair with pockets large enough for me to actually fit my cell phone. I rejoiced in the magical world of functional pockets (as I’m sure any woman would), not to mention that they were significantly less expensive than the equivalent of quality in the women’s section. Boys tees tend to be softer, boys socks tend to be warmer, and my life has benefited from all of these facts.

Now, for the guys. Do you like pastels? Do you like florals? Contrary to what you may have heard, this is no crime! Anyone should be able to wear whatever they want, and this includes boys! However, more “femme” pieces are few and far between in men’s. So why not venture into the ladies’ section? Rock a crop top! Don’t be afraid to wear a floral sweater! Buy that fabulous skirt if your heart desires! Channel your inner Jaden Smith, and constantly remind yourself that having fun with fashion is for men too.

No matter if you’re a girl, a boy, a mix of the two, or neither, you should be able to wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfy. What the tag says is nobody’s business but yours!

Jamie Kahn is a writer, band member, dancer, and contributor to Decaf Magazine. She can be followed on Twitter: @jams_pixie and Instagram: jam_pixie. You can give her band a listen here:


Looking Ahead at Men’s Fashion

mens fashion

Men’s fashion… over the last decade or so the way men having been dressing and taking care of themselves has changed, many times. Though in recent years, a numerous amounts of trends have awoken and these are some of the biggest/ best trends and styles in my opinion.

Shorts, and pants have been getting increasingly shorter and tighter not just for women but now men all over are starting to join in. The average short among men 5-10 years ago was at least one inch below the knee. However, now you can look anywhere and see small flat front shorts going well over 2 inches above the knee. Its as if one guy decided he wanted to look like a preppy rich kid from a 1980s movie (pretty and pink perhaps) and boom… shoulder sweaters, boat shoes, short-shorts, and collared button downs. Don’t get me wrong I think this style is very classy in a casual everyday way and for sure makes these dudes look polished but it is strange to think about what a drastic change happened. I remember all guys wearing basketball shorts, knee high Nike socks, and completely irrelevant not matching tees.

Now on to the long pants and shoes… I have been noticing more and more that cuffing the bottoms of jeans or khakis is back in, and being paired with suede ankle booties. This is one hipster trend that went big I suppose. Now it is hard to tell who is hipster and who is just a regular guy just trying to look stylish (maybe now the hipster dudes have gone to basketball shorts and nike socks… but I sure hope not). Not to mention the hipster style but it is very remnant of 1940s, 1950s or even “The Fonz/Fonzie” from happy days, just look up 2016 average white male style and you’ll surely see what I mean. Moving on from my pant rant.

Grooming and statements

From 2014 to now we have seen many grooming changes in the male community. At once lumbersexual was a way of maintaining, longs beards or scruff and man buns (my personal favorite phase). Now I am seeing tons of undercuts and clean shaven faces or just a small beard that looks so soft and fluffy because of the rising popularity and excessive use of beard oil. Even more recently men, especially popular Youtube men, have been getting undercuts and dying the top longer section. In fact there are almost more men dyeing their hair crazy colors then women anymore. So this is one way they are deciding to show their personalities and uniqueness. For a more subtle way to shine or a more generally accepted work style pop, statement socks are arising. These are nice dress socks, either with a pattern matching a tie or shirt color, or a complete pop all together. This accessory is semi-private but when you sit you see a glimpse of that individual’s personal fashion sense.

To any men that may be reading this and wanting to know or are having a hard time figuring out how to style yourself, start simple, get a couple nice pairs of socks maybe something sharp yet still playful (seriously you cannot have those old white and grey ones), look into getting one pair of slacks and a jacket tailored to fit you, and then be yourself and dress confidently. DON’T FORGET stay well groomed and keep up with good hygiene, that is probably most important.


This article was written by Anna Atwood. She enjoys Tim Burton movies, hyper-pigmented makeup, and her Italian Greyhound Jack. You can follow her on Twitter: @annabanana4evr  and Instagram: annaaaaa112

Why “Dressing for Your Body Type” is a Myth

body type

Everybody from the magazines to our mothers are constantly telling us to “dress to flatter our figures” in one way or another. Whether you’re skinny, fat, tall, short, or somewhere in the middle, there are rules to what you can and can’t wear. And it’s all a huge myth.

The idea of “dressing to one’s figure” is always a little confusing to begin with because, as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty means a different thing to every person, and even though there may be a few across-the-board standards that most women almost always try to comply with, we tend to see women just simply trying to change their body with clothing. If you’re skinny, you’re told dress to look curvier, but if you’re curvy, you’re told to dress to slim down. Everyone is basically trying to attain something different than what they have. The “rules” for what your body should look like are not even based on a common goal, but rather trying to make yourself look like you have a different body type based on others’ preferences.

The most prominent problem with this notion is that trying to change how you look isn’t good for you! Trying constantly to make your body look a certain way (that your body probably isn’t meant to look like) does terrible things to your self esteem. We must recognize that everyone is beautiful and there is no reason to change your body. Clothes and fashion, above all else, are supposed to be fun, comfortable, and a way to feel good about yourself. Those things are so much harder to attain when you’re dressing yourself every day with a set of ridiculous rules in mind.

Honestly, it’s 2016! It’s time to stop giving a hoot what anybody says and wear whatever you want. Let your tummy see the daylight in that crop top! Tall girls, dare to wear heels! It’s your body, and it’s beautiful.

Jamie Kahn is a writer, band member, dancer, and soldier for body positivity. She can be followed on Twitter: @jams_pixie and Instagram: jam_pixie. You can give her band a listen here:

Our July Look Book

All of the clothing featured is part of our everyday inventory at our Bethlehem location, but the merchandise shown is highly indicative of the style in both brick-and-mortar location and online store ( The model featured is Jamie Kahn, who was let loose in the store to pick out whatever met her fancy. Summer readers, meet our July look book!


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Jamie Kahn is a writer, band member, dancer, and connoisseur of pixie cuts. She can be followed on Twitter: @jams_pixie and Instagram: jam_pixie. You can give her band a listen here:

On Shoulder Pads (& Feminism)

shoulder pads.jpg

Shoulder pads. What many people see as an 80s trend (and a rapidly returning one in recent years) can indeed be much much more. A symbol of progression in women’s rights, perhaps? Why, yes. And to examine why that is, we need to look at the western beauty norms that I’m sure everybody is familiar with.

Think about how everybody from the media to our mothers are constantly telling women to be smaller, slimmer, size zero, to make this “vanish” or make that “disappear.” These sentiments have one big thing in common: the message to women that it is desirable to take up as little space as possible.

Though many people argue that the trend of shoulder pads simply exists to create a smaller waistline (which it also does), it is hard to ignore the much more noticeable effect of wearing them, which is obviously the broad-shouldered look that it creates on a woman. And this was a large step for modern fashion in the 80s as well as today with its return, simply because it allows women to fashionably take up more space.

This trend says to women, “do not disappear. Take up the space you deserve. Not just as a woman, but as a person- as no person should be told that invisibility is preferable.”

Shoulder pads are make a powerful statement with a retro-vintage look. Whether it be a blazer with a cute dress, a blouse-and-skirt outfit, or the full pantsuit, anybody can rock them! I can personally say that they always have me feeling like a stylish and badass lady.

This post was written by Jamie Kahn.  She loves mustard yellow, vintage clothing and creative writing. You can follow her on Twitter @jams_pixie, as well as seeing her photo shoot pictures with us on The Attic’s Instagram: @atticclothes.

Manayunk Arts Festival

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 5.52.45 PMYes we know it has been some time since our last post, but its never too late to start again…so here’s to a new beginning! *Clink*

To set off our new blogging chapter, what better event to post about other than the annual Arts Festival on Main Street in Manayunk! As avid appreciators of local and handmade products, we can’t be more excited about this weekend! Many hundreds of people come and admire art in it’s most creative glory and recognize the innovation, time, effort, and love that goes in to the creation of each and every product; reminding everyone of the importance in exercising the imagination. Holding on to the appreciation for handmade and original pieces of art has the power to bring people back down to earth and connect to each other no matter where you come from, or what social preferences you have.

art festival


The Manayunk Art Festival is showcasing hundreds of artists who specialize in textiles, ceramics, glass, jewelry, drawing, painting, photography, wood work, and sculpture! To check out these artists you can visit the page and you will see this picture immediately, after a moment information will pop up where you can click on “event details” and scroll through all of the information about the event. We really hope you decided to come join the fun this weekend and help to support local artist in keeping creativity alive and healthy within our culture!

Cheers and best regards from all of us at The Attic, we hope you will check in again for more posts! We’re back to blogging and more excited than ever to share our stories about whats going on with us this summer. So enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to check out the art festival!



MOE: Julia L.!

IMG_3678Everyone give a warm welcome to one of our newest employees, Julia L.! She is a buyer from our State College location and a Penn State junior majoring in Biobehavioral Health (BBH) and double minoring in Nutritional Sciences and Biology (Try saying that five times fast). She wants to become a registered dietitian and give Dr. Oz a run for his money (Or out of business – whichever comes first).  Julia also wants us to let the world know that she is the world’s only extreme ukulele player, won a spelling bee in 8th grade and a geography quizzathon in 7th.

The styling aspect of her job is one of the two things she is fond of most. Julia enjoys redressing the mannequins and displays on our dressing room doors (when she’s feeling inspired) and putting together outfits that she herself may one day wear when she’s on talk shows promoting her healthy dieting books and other research. Her second favorite thing about the Attic is getting to look at (and first dibs) on all of the vintage jewelry that customers bring in. Julia comments that the vintage pieces are much more timeless than what you see the kids wearing nowadays, they’re unique and wearable (And to top things off, no one else has it!)

Julia has been a very welcomed new addition to our Attic family. She has learned quickly and brings a certain level of fun that was needed to our company. If you see her in the store, don’t be afraid to say “Hi!” …  Though, if you get an awkward look from her, it’s probably the fact you know her name and you’re more than likely a complete stranger.


DIY iPhone Cases!

If anyone is like us, we hate having the same thing over and over again – ESPECIALLY when it comes to iPhone cases. Why use what everyone else is using when you can create one of your very own!? kikamarie88 offers YouTube a fun, fast, and creative way to solve all of our iPhone case woes. Utilizing this method, the possibilities are endless!

principessa3x offers her viewers a unique way of using the ever-popular galaxy theme to customize your iPhone and make it as one of a kind as the stars in the sky. That was corny, we’ll admit, but just take a look and see how exciting playing with paint can be :).

MOE: Halley M.!

mestanding1This week, we introduce Halley M., an associate from our Kutztown location! She is 19 years old and currently enrolled at Lehigh Carbon College to get an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. Her plans post-bacc is to get a job in management and live the lavish life that business brings … But, all business aside, Halley says that some of her favorite things to do with her down time are watching football, bowling, and dancing. In fact, Halley M. is a former cheerleader of Kutztown High School fame AND a dance competitor from Rhythm in Motion!

Halley’s favorite thing about working at the Attic? Aside from the fun atmosphere and the awesome environment, she says that she enjoys the quirky people she meets and works with! We can definitely vouch that us workers at the Attic are a quirky, fun bunch ;).

Summer Lovin’!


Since the dawn of time, cavemen, women, and persons have protected their eyes with primitive Ray-Ban wayfarers purchased from those retailers just outside of their Ikea-decked caves … Okay, not really. But the history of  sunglasses dates way back in the 1900s and have been around sense, giving people protection without sacrificing style. In fact, pilots had started wearing them to protect their eyes from the sun! The more you know, right?

But this isn’t some history lesson – I’m sure we have all experienced some sort of lecturing of the 19th century. No, we at the Attic wouldn’t want to do that … Unless you wanted us to.

No, we just hope everyone is enjoying the brush of warm weather Mother Nature has blessed us with this third week of June! It was a long time coming, but we’ve made it through the wilderness  long winter. It’s about time we treat ourselves with something nice, stylish and funky to brave against the sun that’ll be sure to kissing many skins this summer season.

Why not start with sunglasses?

At any of our locations, we have a ton of styles – ranging from wayfarers to aviators to clubmasters – and prints – just like the one pictured – that are sure to get your summer started off perfect. Even better? The most you’ll end up spending it $9.95!

But, that’s enough of us rambling on and on about that. You should come see for yourselves. Who knows, you might even find a pair of Versace’s or Tory Burch that someone dropped off …