About Us

Wanting to create her own affordable  store with a “feel good” atmosphere, owner Anne Kuronyi opened The Attic in a small Pennsylvania town, Kutztown, in September of 2003.  As a young woman, Anne started in the film industry in New York but knew she did not want to do it forever. Yearning for a life change, she traveled out west to San Francisco and was first introduced to consignment shops. Bringing that idea home, The Attic began with just three small rooms, built on a love of vintage clothing, and the support of Anne’s family.  With a modest amount of money and the necessity to establish a unique DIY atmosphere, Anne’s parents got involved building shelving units and providing items for the store.

Before The Attic opened, there were no other big resale stores like it, there were no guidelines to go by.  In this economy, opening up a small business is a big risk with a huge potential to fail, but it has certainly paid off.  The Kutztown store soon expanded to six rooms, each one unique and often changing, as well as two stores in Bethlehem, PA and one in Manayunk, PA.  With a little and trial and error, The Attic expanded to Bethlehem, PA on Broad Street in 2008.  In 2010, Anne’s sister got involved in the store and they soon opened up The Attic in Manayunk, PA due to it’s proximity to Philadelphia.  The other store in Bethlehem, PA on main street opened up in 2010 as well.

The Attic is a unique cross between a consignment shop and a thrift store but the clothing, accessories, and collectibles are affordable and either new or practically new.  All of our items are based on style, condition, and wearability and handpicked to make you, the customer, feel good about what you are buying.  The Attic employees aim to provide a fun and engaging environment while also offering advice on how to shop with us and new trends.  Working hard to reach out to our customers and be readily available, The Attic can now be reached on our online store, facebook, blog, instagram, and youtube channel so check us out!

The Attic’s Sell, Trade & Consignment Contract:

Sell. Trade. Consign Contract The Attic


One thought on “About Us

  1. I’ve always been a fan of The Attic since I first visited the Bethlehem location a couple years ago. I was happy to see a consignment shop with quality items displayed in a modern and aesthetically pleasing way (I was drooling in front of your Main Street, Bethlehem location’s window display for quite some time before it opened haha). Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll! Keep up the awesome work!

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