Looking Ahead at Men’s Fashion

mens fashion

Men’s fashion… over the last decade or so the way men having been dressing and taking care of themselves has changed, many times. Though in recent years, a numerous amounts of trends have awoken and these are some of the biggest/ best trends and styles in my opinion.

Shorts, and pants have been getting increasingly shorter and tighter not just for women but now men all over are starting to join in. The average short among men 5-10 years ago was at least one inch below the knee. However, now you can look anywhere and see small flat front shorts going well over 2 inches above the knee. Its as if one guy decided he wanted to look like a preppy rich kid from a 1980s movie (pretty and pink perhaps) and boom… shoulder sweaters, boat shoes, short-shorts, and collared button downs. Don’t get me wrong I think this style is very classy in a casual everyday way and for sure makes these dudes look polished but it is strange to think about what a drastic change happened. I remember all guys wearing basketball shorts, knee high Nike socks, and completely irrelevant not matching tees.

Now on to the long pants and shoes… I have been noticing more and more that cuffing the bottoms of jeans or khakis is back in, and being paired with suede ankle booties. This is one hipster trend that went big I suppose. Now it is hard to tell who is hipster and who is just a regular guy just trying to look stylish (maybe now the hipster dudes have gone to basketball shorts and nike socks… but I sure hope not). Not to mention the hipster style but it is very remnant of 1940s, 1950s or even “The Fonz/Fonzie” from happy days, just look up 2016 average white male style and you’ll surely see what I mean. Moving on from my pant rant.

Grooming and statements

From 2014 to now we have seen many grooming changes in the male community. At once lumbersexual was a way of maintaining, longs beards or scruff and man buns (my personal favorite phase). Now I am seeing tons of undercuts and clean shaven faces or just a small beard that looks so soft and fluffy because of the rising popularity and excessive use of beard oil. Even more recently men, especially popular Youtube men, have been getting undercuts and dying the top longer section. In fact there are almost more men dyeing their hair crazy colors then women anymore. So this is one way they are deciding to show their personalities and uniqueness. For a more subtle way to shine or a more generally accepted work style pop, statement socks are arising. These are nice dress socks, either with a pattern matching a tie or shirt color, or a complete pop all together. This accessory is semi-private but when you sit you see a glimpse of that individual’s personal fashion sense.

To any men that may be reading this and wanting to know or are having a hard time figuring out how to style yourself, start simple, get a couple nice pairs of socks maybe something sharp yet still playful (seriously you cannot have those old white and grey ones), look into getting one pair of slacks and a jacket tailored to fit you, and then be yourself and dress confidently. DON’T FORGET stay well groomed and keep up with good hygiene, that is probably most important.


This article was written by Anna Atwood. She enjoys Tim Burton movies, hyper-pigmented makeup, and her Italian Greyhound Jack. You can follow her on Twitter: @annabanana4evr  and Instagram: annaaaaa112


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