Five Easy Tips to Increase Your Buyback!

A lot of people come into our stores with bag upon bags of old clothing just ripe for the eager hands of our buyers to go through. Unfortunately, we do not always take everything. In fact, sometimes we don’t take anything at all! As your online guide to The Attic Inc., I would not want our dearest readers to go into the vicious world of used clothing without a few simple tips to increase your wallet or wealth in Attic cash:

  • Visiting the store you are selling to can definitely improve your chances of bringing in the right stuff we’re looking for. This step can definitely save you some time and energy to plan your selling adventure accordingly. For example – some of our locations get a large influx of tank tops – which would mean that said locations would be curbing their intake of tank tops. On the flip side, if a location is in dire need of tank tops, then by all means that bag of old school tank tops your parents have from Woodstock would finally be put to good use.
  • Washing your clothes seems like a silly thing to remind people to do, but honestly, we cannot count on two hands how many times people forget to simply run their clothes through a washer before bringing it in. Stored clothes can contract a bunch of smells while packed away in those totes. Just give those shirts a waft before bringing them in can save both of us from utilizing a can of Febreeze to get the smell
  • Presentation can be a variable as well. Clothes that are balled up, mashed and thrown into a bag can sometimes damage clothing or make them appear to be a lot more worn or unattractive to buyers. Folding your garments or just neatly placing them in your bag can go a long way.
  • Give your clothes a glance over before bringing them in. Sometimes, you as the seller can spot some frays, stains, deorderant marks, etc., before we look through your items. This cuts out the middle man – and prevents you having to carry a bunch of clothes back to your car (or long, romantic walks with garbage bags of old clothes).
  • Asking yourself “Would I see this at ____ store?” is sometimes a good way to approach whether or not it would be accepted. We specialize in buying vintage clothing as well as clothing that has been popular within the last two years. We do, on occasion, accept clothing that is older than 2 years – however these items are usually in near perfect condition with little to no wear.

These are only a few tips that we’ve come up with. If anyone else has anything else to add, feel free to comment below!


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