Summer Lovin’!


Since the dawn of time, cavemen, women, and persons have protected their eyes with primitive Ray-Ban wayfarers purchased from those retailers just outside of their Ikea-decked caves … Okay, not really. But the history of  sunglasses dates way back in the 1900s and have been around sense, giving people protection without sacrificing style. In fact, pilots had started wearing them to protect their eyes from the sun! The more you know, right?

But this isn’t some history lesson – I’m sure we have all experienced some sort of lecturing of the 19th century. No, we at the Attic wouldn’t want to do that … Unless you wanted us to.

No, we just hope everyone is enjoying the brush of warm weather Mother Nature has blessed us with this third week of June! It was a long time coming, but we’ve made it through the wilderness  long winter. It’s about time we treat ourselves with something nice, stylish and funky to brave against the sun that’ll be sure to kissing many skins this summer season.

Why not start with sunglasses?

At any of our locations, we have a ton of styles – ranging from wayfarers to aviators to clubmasters – and prints – just like the one pictured – that are sure to get your summer started off perfect. Even better? The most you’ll end up spending it $9.95!

But, that’s enough of us rambling on and on about that. You should come see for yourselves. Who knows, you might even find a pair of Versace’s or Tory Burch that someone dropped off …


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