MOE: Lacee M.!


With our first MOE feature, we introduce Lacee M who works at our State College location! She is 19 years old, a resident of State College and a student at the Pennsylvania State University (WE ARE!). Her dreams reside in becoming a Spanish Teacher in High School, a famous Broadway singer, cat lady turned reality show television star and entrepreneur dabbling in strap-on unicorn horns.  You can usually find her at work singing, laughing, smiling and bringing joy to her co-workers and customers alike. 

Her favorite thing about working at the Attic? The surprises! She says that one of the perks of working here is that customers sometimes bring in some of the most outlandish things to resell. She admits that she will not name names (or things), but trust us when we say that they’re quite the conversation starters (a la “… this one time at band camp …”).

As we conclude this brief profile, she would like to thank the Academy for this opportunity to appear as our first feature. And also her dog. And mum. And Ron Burgundy.


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