DIY: “Bow and Arrows” Zip-Up, Crop Top, Bustier!

Turn heads this summer with this awesome DIY!  Perfect under a cardigan or paired with some high waisted shorts, you’re gonna want to have this one of a kind piece in your closet!  It doesn’t take long to make and would look great on anyone.  Here’s how to make it:

What you will need:
1. Fabric-enough to fit around your chest with 11/2 extra. The fabric used here is thick but I recommend something a little stretchy, may be easier to fit into.
2. Ruler
3. marker
4. scissors
5. A zipper, size depends on how long you would like your bustier to be. This one is 7.4 inches long.

Start by measuring how long you would like your bustier to be.  Remember to add an inch for the seams on the top and bottom. Here, this piece is measured out to be 10 inches.

Next, fold the top and bottom edges twice and pin.  It takes less time to pin if you iron the edges down first.

Now your edges are ready to sew. You can use a straight stitch here.

Measure how far up you would like your zipper to end. Here, the bottom of the zipper ends 1in from the bottom. You can have the zipper end all the way at the bottom, it may be easier to wear.

If you would like the zipper to show, as seen here, you can cut about 1/4 inch into the fabric on either end so that a big rectangle is cut out. Pin the zipper in and you’re ready to sew!

This fabric seems to shred easily so if that is the case for your fabric as well, use a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch. You can also tuck the fabric in for a cleaner edge.

This step is optional but it adds a little shape to your bustier. Find the middle of the front. Take a needle and thread and sew in and out up the front 4 or 5 times and for about 2 inches.

Pull the thread tight and watch the front of your bustier bunch up. This will pull the middle in a little to give the front a heart shape. Tie off your thread and your bustier is ready to wear!

Later, criss-cross braided straps were added but it would look cute without them as well!


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