DIY: Favorite Summer Drink, Sun Tea!

This is the easiest drink to make on a really hot summer day.  It’s also refreshing and tastes so good!

What you need:

  • Water
  • A glass pitcher or jar (plastic might get too hot)
  • Tea bags, 4-5 (any flavor of your choice)
  • Lemon or orange slices (optional)
  • Fresh mint (also optional, can be found growing wild or bought at a store)
  • A hot summer day


  1. Fill a glass pitcher, or jar if you want just a little, with water.
  2. Place your tea bags in the container
  3. Add lemon or orange slices (or both) and mint to your glass.
  4. Place in the sun and wait a few hours for the tea to steep.  It might be a good idea to cover your container to keep the bugs out.
  5. Have it iced or warm, it tastes great both ways!  Add a little honey or sugar if you like your tea sweet.  Enjoy!

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