DIY: Easy Breezy Vintage Inspired Floral and Lace Vest

We’ve got a new DIY project for you this week.  There is a lot of sewing but it’s totally worth it!  You’ll want to lightweight vest with every outfit all summer!  Inspired by the vintage fabric and lace, we created this vest so check it out!

What you’ll need:
Fabric: the lace came from the back of a shirt and the floral fabric came from a skirt. At least have 1/4 yd of lace and 3/4 yd of other fabric in your choice of print.
Tools: scissors and a sewing machine (this could be done by hand but it would take much longer).

First, cut out the back of the lace shirt. You can shape the arm pit area a bit more.

Fold the lace part in half and trace the shape onto the wrong side of the floral fabric. This will help you get the shape for the front.  Make the front of the vest a little more rounded to give it some shape.  Make 4 pieces.

Once you have traced and cut out 4 pieces, pin them together leaving the side and shoulder seam open.

Once you have sewn up the two front pieces (leaving the side and shoulder seam open) turn them back right side out. To get the lacy back into the side seams, pin the the sides together so that the right sides are facing each other. Sew up one side.

Tucking the sewn part in, fold over the other side and pin it. You don’t want any seams showing so you will be tucking the seams into the floral front.

Do the same with the shoulder seams.

This step is optional but it adds a nice touch. Take the lace back and pinch it together. Take a small rectangular piece of lace and sew it around the pinched lace. Cut off the excess and turn the rectangle right side out.

Now you have a great vest!




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