DIY: “Naut Up Your Heartstrings” For This Adorable Peep-Hole DressN

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Dress?  Why not pump up the volume on a dress, or a shirt, that you already have?!  Check out our latest DIY for some heart-full inspiration 🙂

This vintage nautical style dress was purchased from the Bethlehem location. It was nearly floor length so I decided to shorten it. The belt was included and was not made during this project.

First, you'll need a dress or a shirt. You may want to use a sewing machine for this project, if only to keep your edges clean. Then you'll just need some pins, paper, something to mark your fabric, scissors, and needle/thread.

Step 1. Fold your paper in half and cut out a heart shape. To figure out how big you would like the heart to be, measure the area in which the shape will be cut out. Then draw half that area onto the folded paper.

Step 2. Turn your dress or shirt inside out and trace the heart shape in the middle of the back. Don't worry about the zipper (if you have one) for now.

Step 3. You're going to end up cutting out part of the zipper so you'll want to add a stopper. To do this, take your needle and thread and sew around the teeth of the zipper until it is secure enough.

Step 4. Cut out the zipper from the top of the dress.

Step 5. Now you can make button holes and sew your buttons on.

Step 6. Fold back the edges around the heart and pin them.

Step 7. Sew around the edges. To give the edge texture, I used a jaggedy stitch. Now turn your dress right side out and it's ready to wear!

Try this project with a non zipper dress or even a shirt.  Add some flair to it by sewing in some lace behind the heart shape.  If you try this project, send us your pics!


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