DIY: 1920’s flapper Warm Woven Headband

We’ve got a new DIY this week!  We know the weather is getting colder but that is no reason not to look fashionable this winter.  Check out this modern headband inspired by the “roaring 20’s.”

All you need for this project is some stretchy fabric, like knit jersey, and a pair of scissors.  This was made out of an old dress but you can use an old tee shirt or anything lying around.  Make sure there is enough fabric to fit around your head plus extra.

1. Begin by cutting 6 strips from the fabric. If there are seams in the material, don't worry about it. You can tuck seams in later but make sure they are sturdy enough not to come apart.

2. Next, tie the strips in a knot around a sturdy object like a chair.

3. Now here comes the weaving. To make it easier, I numbered each strip. Take strip 1 and go over strip 2.

4. Now weave strip 1 under strip 3.

5. Now weave strip 1 over strip 4.

6. Now weave strip 1 under strip 5.

7. Lastly, weave strip 1 over strip 6. This is what the pattern will begin to look like.

Just to reiterate, you will take strip 1 and go over and under to the last strip.  Make sure that you go over strip 6 and that they do not get mixed up.  It helps to keep the first 5 strips to the left and once you have finished with the first one, put it to the right.  Once you have finished, strip 2 will now become strip one and you will repeat the pattern.

8. Repeat this pattern until the piece is long enough to fit around your head. Cut off any excess fabric.

9. Now you can fold each end together. Split one end so there are three strips on each side and place the other end between them.

10. To finish it off, take a piece of excess fabric and wrap it around the middle. Tie in the back and tuck in. See above on how to wear.



One thought on “DIY: 1920’s flapper Warm Woven Headband

  1. Awesome! I’ll bet there are lots of things you can make with this simple weaving projects. A scarf, belt, does anyone know how to make a shirt this way?

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