Cats Taking Over Fashion

We hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend, the weather was absolutely beautiful!  Now it’s back to work again and we’ve got a new blog post for you.  This latest post was written by our employee, Ashley.  Check out this article and learn how cats are taking over the fashion world. 


When you think about fashion, you think about inspiration, but where does all that inspiration come from? It can stem from anywhere really; runway, nature, different cultures, but lately I’ve been noticing that a good majority of clothing seems inspired by animals. We wear animals more often than we think. For years, animal prints, furs, and graphics have become popular throughout the fashion world. However, one animal has taken the fashion world by storm. Cats! Cats are a ferocious animal with a bold attitude and unique patterns so it’s no wonder they are an inspirational figure to the fashion world. One of the most popular uses of cats in clothing is through print. Wild cat prints such as cheetah and leopard are two of the most commonly used. They can be seen on articles of clothing such as dresses, pants, and especially shoes. If you aren’t big on wild cats, why not keep it simple with a house cat? A big craze right now is house cats on T-shirts. Another way to keep it simple, but still maintain that fierce cat style is through accessories. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even earrings have become part of the cat trend. Cats are taking the fashion world by storm, but is it really that big of a surprise? I mean, fashion does start with a “cat walk.”


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