DIY: Hoot! Hoot! Make Your Own Felt Owl Necklace

If you have ever set foot in one of our Attic locations, you probably noticed that there are owls everywhere!  From owl jewelry to owl collectibles, this animal is incredibly trendy.  Today, we would like to show you how to make your own owl necklace using just a few scraps of felt or fabric. 

What you will need: scissors, embroidery thread, needle, buttons, felt, and a chain (this could easily be a pin as well).

Begin by cutting out a body and stomach shape.

Now you can trace your shapes onto the felt. Begin by tracing the body (This will be the back). Then fold the pointed part down and trace it (this will be the front of the body). Now take your stomach shape and trace it onto the folded body shape.

Now trace the folded body shape onto the stomach color felt. This will go between the two body pieces.

Cut out each piece including the small stomach hole. Cut the stomach felt piece a little smaller than the two body pieces.

Sew little red lines into the stomach for a feather effect.

Using the white thread, sew the stomach onto the front body piece.

Now around the outside edge of the front and back of the body.

Now it's time to sew the beak down. Tie a knot in the white thread and sew from the front to the back. Bring the thread down and through the front body piece. Repeat a few times until the beak is secure.

Now sew your buttons on for eyes.

Slide your necklace chain through the beak space and your owl is ready to wear!


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