Being an Attic Employee: Modern and Vintage Clothing


At some point in every girl’s life we have dressed a doll. While doing so we put together outfits for specific activities. When I was young that was my favorite thing to do. I loved clothes and creating outfits for my dolls so of course my favorite thing about working at the Attic would be making the displays. Typically how I make my displays is I will walk through the store and pick up the things that catch my eye. Then I will look again for items that complement the outfit.

It is very important of course that the outfit is appealing. Something one could really see themselves wearing or something a little unusual but fresh and cool. Some women also have a difficult time putting outfits together so it’s very easy for them to pluck an outfit off the wall and TA DAH! New outfit that looks fabulous set to go.

Now since we are “modern and vintage” it is important knowing how to correlate vintage and modern pieces. Here are a few examples I have put together:

This dramatic blue vintage scarf with this orange J Crew top forms a great contrast. Since blue and orange are opposites in the color wheel the blue pops. For the bottoms I used white denim capris and black leather Sheplers cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are one of those classic items that don’t change very much over the years. A pair of these modern boots wouldn’t look much different from their vintage ancestors. To top it off I added an orange chunky bracelet and a pair of purple vintage fan earrings.

Sometimes adding something ridiculous can be balanced with basic traditional pieces. For this outfit I had little vintage slippers with pompoms that were worn with basic dark wash bermudas and a green silk For Joseph blouse. I also added a white vintage vest to lighten the outfit up. To complete the outfit I had a vintage gold colored pewter necklace and a vintage panda pin with a classic brown shoulder bag.

Now here is a challenge: the famed high-waisted shorts, but they are not a regular blue or tan color, they are purple. First order of business is finding the top to go with it. I chose a blue top with little purple flowers and a tan cardigan. For the accessories a cool pair of shades, a vintage Avon owl necklace and a vintage handmade leather purse with a floral modern scarf to add some color. For shoes a simple pair of brown flats.

If you have any questions about fashion or want to voice your ideas please join my facebook group Fashion: Being Your Own Stylist.


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