Boring into Flashy, Aztec, Gems! Easy DIY Way to Transform Your Shoes

SHOES ARE AN UNDERRATED WAY TO EXPRESS YOURSELF, THEY SHOULD BE JUST AS FUN AS YOUR OUTFIT.  IN THIS TUTORIAL, WE’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET HEADS TURNING WITH THESE COOL SOUTHWESTERN PATTERNS.  (These shoes were purchased at The Attic Bethlehem location for about $13.  We try not to buy two of the same items at the same time if we can help it, thus these particular shoes are not available anymore.  However, you can decorate any shoes, not necessarily ones from The Attic).

These may look complicated but check out the simple patterns here.

If you need a change, check out this project!

The markers used for this project were found at Michaels for about $16. Kind of pricey, but definitely worth it. You can use them on any fabric.

It's best to do this project outside but you can do it inside too. Place your shoes on newspaper or a flattened paperbag.

Follow the instructions on the fabric markers and begin drawing. Starting with the top of the shoe, draw on some feathers. Color them in.

Now draw an oval around the feathers and add a diamond underneath. Color in the space around the feathers.

Now you color the sides. These are just simple triangles.

All of the rims are done in orange after each step but you can leave them white if you want.

Now you can do the side. This is similar to a feather pattern.

Now you can do the back. A lot of white was left on the back because there is not much throughout the rest of the design.

And finally, you can draw on the tongue. This is difficult to do so just be a little careful. You can push the tongue down into the shoe to draw on it.

Leave the shoes overnight to dry before wearing them.

Wow! These are really cool!


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