What’s Your Style? Fellow Bethlehem, PA Business Owner- Alison of Hair Salon Eskandalo on Summer Hair Trends

Hair in photo done by Alison Leigh for the fashion show promos


First, I’d like to ask you a few questions about Eskandalo and how it came to be, to givereaders a chance to get to know you. Then I’ll ask you some questions about summer hair trends and what kind of stuff you do at Eskandalo.

When did you first open Eskandalo? October 2007

Why did you choose to open your own business?I wanted to create a place that my friends would go to to get their hair services done. I also wanted to create a place I liked working in!

Why in Bethlehem? I love the southside and I love the building I found to put my shop in. I am also excited about other parts of the LV!

How did you come up with the name “Eskandalo”? I actually had a shop in LA with a business partner and it was his idea to call it that. Eskandalo is a very cool word that has many different meanings, but it means something exciting is happening! And we are that, 100%

What kind of products do you use in your salon? We use Wella and Sebastian. Both are cruelty-free products which means they do NOT test on animals

Do you offer more environmentally friendly hair products? The packaging we get with our orders is always changing due to the companies caring about the most eco-friendly materials they can use. We recycle everything that comes through our door as well, so we are very interested in being as environmentally conscious as we can

Do you have any sales going on right now on any of your products? We have been running a “buy 2 products get the 3rd for 30% off” special for 2 months. Its ending today though! I will send you whatever new promos we have after the weekend!

What do you like most about cutting hair? What you dislike?I love seeing a head of hair get transformed into something that lays perfectly, has tons of movement and just comes alive from the haircut. I also love the person’s extreme happiness when this happens to them! I dislike cutting my fingers– and it happens to everyone, no matter who ya are 😉

What is your favorite hair style? I love 60s bouffants!! God help me I cannot get enough side part, huge bump, long gorgeous flip at the bottom hair!! Brigitte Bardot is the best example of my favorite hair. I love 60s style

Based on your website and images, it seems like you are interested in a sort of “hip” or “punk” scene, but do you also cater to a more mature crowd as well? Absolutely. We cater to a personality type- I believe the people that love Eskandalo are down to earth, they are smart with their money, they see value in what they get from us, but they also want to look amazing. That ideology transcends age, gender, race, and what’s in your bank account

This may be a vague question but in terms of hair trends, what kind of hair cuts do you see are really popular right now? Well, everyone is getting over the “cut one side of your hair off” phase (self included) I have never been one to follow trends. I thought it was funny when I finally got up the guts to chop off a side of my hair, I fell into to some kind of collective consciousness because everyone else seemed to do the same exact thing! We all woke up one day and were like- OK today I am going to take clippers to my head! Seriously it was the weirdest thing. I do however think that cultivating big beautiful hair is coming back- at least that’s what I am doing.

As we often see in fashion, do you also find that in terms of hair, vintage or past styling is coming back? My theory when it comes to fashion has always been stick to the classics and you can never go wrong. Incorporate new and trendy things into your look, but if you fall for every new thing that hits the mall, you will look ridiculous in the photos of yourself 10 years from now. A nice classic top with capri length pants and cute wedges will never go out of style.

In terms of summer hair trends, what type of styling do see is most popular? Clip-in hair extensions! They are so much fun! They are easily put in and taken out, they can come in any color and pattern you can think of, and they can be customized to fit your hair. I think everyone should wear them! Bee makes them at our shop and you can seriously get anything you want

With straight hair, you can pretty much do anything with it but what type of summer hair cut would you recommend to someone with straight hair? I’d say go for a blunt shoulder length bob with huge blunt bangs. Again, that’s the 60s influence in me. I love geometric hair cuts that look so precise but no matter how you shake your hair around, it always falls exactly where it should because it’s cut that way. I love it

I actually got my hair done with your salon a few weeks ago with your staff member, Ashley, and she did such a great job. My hair cut is honestly one of the best I haveever gotten. Since I have curly hair, I often worry about getting it cut because it can get frizzy. What kind of hair cut and hair products would you recommend to someone with curly hair? That is awesome! Ashley is great! I teach everyone upon entering my salon that cutting curly hair is its own thing and the best way to texturize it properly is to understand the hair itself. Everyone is different. I teach them a technique that varies from person to person, but has the same foundation. We are beginning to offer classes at the salon  where new or more experienced hairstylists can come and learn these techniques from us, which is very exciting to me! As far as products go, a nice curl enhancer from Wella would be wonderful. And lots of conditioner!

Thanks for letting us interview you!


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